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** NEW parameters on PrimeLab: ID162: Hyd. Perox. HR / ID163: Dissolved Oxygen**

Active Oxygen (O2)
Copper / Zinc
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)


The Image shows the PT 100/ Pooltester which simultaneous measures pH and Chlorine and/or Bromine values.



Pooltesters are mainly used in the wellness sector and, even if the name doesn’t hint at it, they are also used for the analysis of drinking and industrial waters. In many countries, for example, drinking and industrial waters must be disinfected with chlorine which requires that they be subjected to consistent controls. Hotels worldwide already use the Pool-i.d. pooltester for guest swimming pools, and also to determine the quality of their drinking and general waters. Pool-i.d. pooltesters are even used by well-known international aid organizations to also control drinking water plants in crisis regions. Here too, people rely on Pool-i.d.’s quality standards.



For the analysis of pool, drinking, and industrial waters

“Pooltesters” are test devices which operate with the help visual comparisons. The water that is to be measured is placed into the tester, rapidly dissolving (RAPID) reagent tablets are added, and the water changes colour. The value is determined by comparing the coloured test water with the scale in the margin. The finer the scale, the easier it is to classify the test results. Pool-i.d. pooltesters distinguish themselves through their very finely graduated colour scales.
The pooltester “pH/Chlorine/Bromine” has 16 comparison colours to identify chlorine. Chlorine and bromine are detected with the aid of DPD N° 1 tablets, both using the same comparative-colour-scale. Pool-i.d. pooltesters come with 30 tablets per test parameter.


For the analysis of pool, drinking, and industrial waters

The same pooltester principles described above apply to Pool-i.d. mini-testers. The comparative scale is not as intensively graduated and Pool-i.d. mini-testers come with 20 tablets per test parameter.

Distinguishing Features
Perfectly coordinated and broad colour comparison scales distinguish the Pool-i.d. pooltesters!

Not only their ease of use (push-through system) distinguishes the aluminium blister packs in which the Pooltester and Mini-Tester reagent tablets are packaged. They also stand out for their long shelf-life – 10 years after the date of production!

Pool-i.d. pooltesters can also use tablets made by other manufacturers because technical standards define how measurements should be made for pH, chlorine, bromine, and active oxygen values with Phenol Red (pH-value), DPD N° 1 (free chlorine and/or bromine), DPD N°3 (together with DPD N° 1 = total chlorine) and DPD N° 4 (active oxygen). The user can use Pool-i.d. reagent tablets with pooltesters made by other manufacturers. A study by the Fresenius Institute (SGS) in March 2006 supports the fact that Pool-i.d. reagent tablets comply with the appropriate standards