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** NEW parameters on PrimeLab: ID162: Hyd. Perox. HR / ID163: Dissolved Oxygen**

Active Oxygen (O2)
Salt (NaCl)
Total Hardness
Cyanuric Acid
Peroxide (H2O2)

Image shows the TSL 100/test strips during simultaneous measurement of pH and Chlorine and/or Bromine and Alkalinity values.



Test strips for the measurement of water values are enjoying greater popularity, because they provide a simple and rapid method for quick analysis. When compared to the visual measurements of the pooltester, there is naturally a significant disadvantage in the size of the coloured field and thus in the possibility of making an exact comparison on the colour scale. The shelf-life of the test strips is substantially less than that of the reagent tablets that are being used in the pool testers. Yet this is compensated for by the simplicity of use, the ability to obtain rapid measurements, and optimal pricing.


Test Strips

Quick, Simple, Optimal ...

In contrast to pooltesters and comparators, however, test strips do not work with separately added reagents (tablets) but through the chemicals already applied on the strips themselves. As a rule these are pads which have been soaked in chemicals which colour themselves upon contact with the water being measured. The resulting colour is then compared with the scale provided on the label.

Distinguishing Features
The EASY-DIPTM test strips are packed ten each in foil packs which guarantee that even the last strip can be used (see shelf-life). In addition, the graphic “3 step” Instructions for Use on the label make the product easy to use.

Until now, the problem with using test strips has been that the bottle provided insufficient protection and the dry pouch placed inside could only guarantee at most 18 months of use.
Add to this that one could assume the remaining strips would start losing their effectiveness after the bottle was opened because of the infiltration of humidity. The Pool-i.d. EASY-DIPTM test strips are packaged 10 each in foil packs.
In each can, there are 5 foil packs, that is 50 strips. This protection guarantees a 3 year shelf-life from the date of manufacture, thus ensuring use to the last Strip.