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** NEW parameters on PrimeLab: ID162: Hyd. Perox. HR / ID163: Dissolved Oxygen**



Working with water means assuming responsibility. To be responsible for water and to manufacture equipment to determine water quality, means to assume this responsibility and to do everything to measure up to the task.

Pool-i.d. has been assuming this responsibility for nearly a decade. In addition to following legal requirements and standards, Pool-i.d. has been intent on improving market-proven processes and instruments to the current state of technical excellence.

“Stagnation is Retrogression”. Pool-i.d. sets the mark and raises the standards for the future: The reagent tablets in “push through” packaging for which Pool-i.d. received the “GOLDEN WAVE” innovations prize, even our competitors are having to model their reagent tablet blister packaging on our innovative, market leading design.

The concept of quality and innovation is driven by Pool-i.d. rapid growth has seen Pool-i.d. achieving a 70% market-share in the European DIY sector.

We are grateful to all those who share our conviction. Customer support has enabled our young enterprise to rapidly grow into an established international provider.