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** NEW parameters on PrimeLab: ID162: Hyd. Perox. HR / ID163: Dissolved Oxygen**

Over 50 different parameters with over 100 methods of measurement




Comfort and Precision

Unlike pool testers, test strips and comparators with which one (more specifically, the human eye) performs a measurement point of view, with the photometer is an electronic calculating the measurement result. The reagents with offset (depending on parameters) water sample is placed in a cuvette (16 mm or 24 mm) into the shaft of the photometer. On the menu of the parameter to be tested is selected and a set of customers. On the device display all further steps are displayed. Appears at the end of the test the results and any corrective measures, if you have set the ideal areas.

The built-in Bluetooth * technology in conjunction with the "PrimeLab Desktop Assistant" * allows you and to them are related customer information very easy to manage data and develop your own recommendation system. You can also run on the PC and the remote control so that PrimeLab the entire menu. You can get through this interface for software updates and / or upgrades (for the measurement of additional parameters).

Depending on the operating parameters of the pool i.d. Photometer PrimeLab with tablet reagents, liquid reagents, powder packs or pre-filled cuvettes of Pool-id or established pool i.d. partners.