FTS1250 FlexiTester ®
FlexiTester® for measuring Phosphate LR
Water-i.d.® FlexiTester® provides you with access to semiprofessional water analysis. While FlexiTester®s are -like Pooltesters- visual measurement devices, the arrangement of the measured colour to the scale – and the determination of the measurement value – is much more precise with FlexiTester®s because the measurement is compared to an ongoing colour scale on a parameter-stick. There are no measurement results “between” individual colour scales. Ergonomic design and high-quality materials also simplify measurements. So far, more than 37 different parameter methods can be tested with the same basic model. Just a different parameter-stick and reagents are needed to extend your FlexiTester® kit.

Testparameter Measuring Range
Phosphate LR 0.00 - 4.00 mg/l
Product Nr Type Parameter
PPHPPLR1 Phosphate LR N° 1 Phosphate LR
TbsPPPLR2 Phosphate LR N° 2 Phosphate LR
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Material Safety Data Sheet - PPHPPLR1 Download
Material Safety Data Sheet - TbsPPPLR2 Download
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FTS1250 Manual Download

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