BWK-845-11 Balanced Water Kits
Balanced-Water-Kit Set to determine: • pH (Comparator-Method) • Bromine (total) (Comparator-Method) • Total Alkalinity (Tablet Count Method) • Calcium Hardness (Tablet Count Method) • Cyanuric Acid (Turbidity Method)
Balanced Water Kits area combination of the comparator and the specialmethod of range Water-i.d. Depending on the equipment,the seterlaubthemeasurement of chlorineand pHusing thecomparatormethod, alkalinityand calciumhardnessand cyanuric acidusingthetablet countwith theNessler(turbiditymethod).The summaryof these parameters inaset is thehandiness andthe needsof specificusers, such asthe boilerindustry,owed.

Testparameter Measuring Range
pH-Value 6.5 - 8.4
Bromine 0.0 - 10.0 mg/l (ppm)
Alkalinity (total) (CaCO3 mg/l) 10 - 500
Calcium Hardness 10 - 500 mg/l (ppm) CaCO3
Cyanuric acid 20 - 200 mg/l (ppm)
Product Nr Type Parameter
TbsPph DPD N° 3 pH-Value
TbsPD1 DPD N° 1 Chlorine
TbsRTA Total Alkalinity TC Alkalinity M
TbsRCH Calcium Hardness TC Calcium Hardness
TbsPCAT CYA Test Cyanuric acid
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Material Safety Data Sheet - TbsPph Download
Material Safety Data Sheet - TbsPD1 Download
Material Safety Data Sheet - TbsRTA Download
Material Safety Data Sheet - TbsRCH Download
Material Safety Data Sheet - TbsPCAT Download

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