SVS2800 Mini-Kits
Kit to determine the Permanganate Value as well as Sewage/Effluent BOD/COD/TOC. Includes 3 x 100 shaker-/dilution tube!
Some Water-i.d.® Mini Kits are based on the tablet counting method, in which tablets are added to the water until the colour changes in a defined way. The amount of tablets added is entered into a formula to determine the measured value. The innovative Water-i.d.® tablet push-through blisters simplify the procedure. In the turbidity method, the water sample becomes turbid after the reagent is added. The intensity of the turbidity determines the value. In the yes/no test method, a distinction is made between 2 different colours. Depending on which colour develops, the parameter is present in the sample or not. Both the titration and turbidity methods and the yes/no test are simple and proven measuring methods for determining water values.

Testparameter Measuring Range
BOD Sewage 0 - 150
BOD Effluent 0 - 45
COD Sewage 0 - 300
COD Effluent 0 - 210
TOC Sewage 0 - 90
TOC Effluent 0 - 60
Product Nr Type Parameter
PPHASE Acidifying SE Auxiliary reagent to measure Permanganate value
TbsRPerm Permanganate Value BOD Sewage
BOD Effluent
COD Sewage
COD Effluent
TOC Sewage
TOC Effluent
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